Monday, 3 June 2013

"I'd probably watch child abuse films/pics, admits former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross"

                                                  Nick Ross - I'd probably watch child rape

Where to start?

Nick Ross - former presenter of Crimewatch, would "want to see what all the "fuss" was about, if someone came to him and asked him if he wanted to view "child pornography" (his words, not mine - Its NOT Pornography Nick!).

A question for Mr Ross. What exactly do you think "child pornography" is? Do you think this is some 16 year old in a slightly risqué pose? Some old 1980's Sam Fox page 3 spread? No Nick Ross, this is child abuse and child rape, captured on screen for the "enjoyment" of paedophiles. These are films of babies being sexually abused, of young children being gang-raped - a life of misery and suffering for children exploited by disgusting, vile people who fornicate to this wretchedness that has been shared online.

And you would click on and watch it?

And you call child abuse a "fuss"?

As if this story couldn't get any worse, (Nick Ross Wiki), your wife happens to be the secondary founder of Childline.

Unbelievable. Seriously unbelievable!

I must admit, I am totally lost for words, someone of your status - someone who has potentially been in the position of speaking to victims of this hideous crime during your stint as Crimewatch presenter (how must any victims who have appeared on your show feel now?) - admitting that he would view these out of curiosity if asked to?

Please show us the "study" that showed most people would view them if they "stumbled across them".

I will leave you with the normal reaction of anyone who would happen to chance across this.



  1. @nickrosscom

    Nick Ross ‏@nickrosscom 1h
    @TimMontgomerie Nor me. Its vile. But academic experiments suggest you might if you stumbled across it. That's the only point I was making!

    Whilst promoting a book.

    1. His publicist must be weeping alone in a corner somewhere...

  2. His wife is related to Esther Rantzen ( cousins I think)
    They were co founders of child line!!

    1. Indeed, makes it 100 times worse! Wonder if/when she will be making a statement concerning his attitudes and views?