Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ayden's Law

A slightly different theme for my new posting tonight.
For those readers who have not seen my Twitter or Facebook feed, you may not have seen the above video or the below article.
Please take a couple of minutes first to watch and read these two articles.
For the last three years, as many readers will know, I have had an involvement with Sara Payne and Shy Keenan ("aka The Phoenix Post"), firstly working with them on the various FB pages and connected campaigns, then as a Trustee on The Phoenix Foundation, and more recently merely as a supporter of the "Sun Justice" (continuing the "Anti-AVP campaigns started a few years ago). During this time, as well as people that I have worked with, I have come to view Sara and Shy as good friends as well, which is the main reason for this posting.
Ayden's law has started well - New steps towards bully-free schools but it still needs the support of the public to help it come into force.
To show support for this proposed Law takes only a minute of your time.
The link to the online petition is here and it literally only takes a minute to complete. All that I am asking in this posting, is for you to click, sign and share this petition. Not my blog, that is not important - just the petition.
The aims of this law are as follows:
  • justice for victims - by introducing for the first time into criminal law a new summary offence of bullying and intimidation which would prohibit behaviour that causes physical and mental harm to another child, teacher, professional or member of the public.
  • community protection - by providing compulsory training for social workers so that they have the skill and confidence to:
  • provide much needed support to victims and their families
  • work with perpetrators to address their bullying behaviour
  • support their local schools and community in tackling bullying

  • family intervention - through a compulsory support programme aimed at parents that have a child that persistently bullies and intimidates others in school and the wider community 
  • Government leadership - a statutory requirement for Government to publish 'A Children and Young People's Annual Anti Bullying Strategy for the UK' and for the Prime Minister to report progress to Parliament annually. The strategy to include:
    • clear roles and responsibilities for Government, local Government, communities, schools and internet providers
    • fully costed measures that enable schools, local authorities and the Voluntary and Community Sector to take forward the strategy
    • indicators to measure improvement.

Thank you, and to keep up to date with the progress of Ayden's law, follow them here and remember to sign and share this petition.

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