Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Jurassic Park, 2013

 "Aiveepeeosauros" - Not a newly discovered species of dinosaur, but one that is becoming ever more prevalent throughout the 21st century.

As if Barbara Hewson's article in May's "Spiked Online", in which she argued the age of consent be lowered to thirteen (yes, thirteen!) was not bad enough, again she has shown herself to be totally on the side of perpetrators and completely anti-victim.

An "AVP Dinosaur" is a very apt way to describe her views (thank you Shy Keenan for this phrase - never has it ever been so apt as in this case).

Never mind the fact that in her previous thoughts, she has stated that the age of consent should be lowered to thirteen to "end the persecution of old men", (a veritable paedo-charter), the end to complainant anonymity, (how to really stop anyone ever coming forward to disclose), and a strict statute of limitations (get away with your crimes after a period of time - how long she doesn't say that I can see), she actually Laughed (yes, laughed, believe it or not) at the claims of victims.

In the above interview, when asked about Savile and satanic ritual abuse, she laughed, admitted she found it funny, and said "Satanic ritual abuse doesn’t exist, it’s like alien abduction.”. Later in the interview, she also said "it’s pointless to conduct an investigation of this kind into someone who is dead, as they can’t answer".

Sorry Barbara, but who the hell are you to make statements like this?

How do you know what exactly Savile did?

Did victims not try to come forward when he was alive?

How were they treated then?

Your attitude is inexcusable - do you really truly believe this nonsense that you say?

As if this isn't bad enough, Barbara then goes on to describe Stuart Hall's assaults as "misdemeanours", that were "displacement tactics" to make up for the fact that Savile was not alive.


Please don't forget, that paedophile, Stuart Hall's offences included the abuse of a nine year old girl - and Barbara, you describe this as a "misdemeanour"? 

How can you possibly describe predatory paedophile crimes as "misdemeanours"?

Disgusting in the strongest sense of the word.

No wonder victims find it so hard to come forward, and disclose abuse that they have had to endure, when people have attitudes like you have. I only hope that your views are a minority one, what hope if most Barristers have the same views as yourself.

And statutes of Limitations. Just how far back that Barbara Hewson is suggesting as a cut off is a bit of a mystery - there isn't anything that I have found to indicate a timescale.

So, how far then?

20 years?

30 years?

40 years?

According to the above clip, she states "I don’t agree with historic prosecutions".

Does this mean all "historic" prosecutions then?

What about very recent ones from only a few years ago?

Again, no wonder victims are reluctant to come forward - many I am sure would rather keep their abuse to themselves rather than have to relive it to someone who wouldn't take them seriously, that would dismiss them as "historic" and not worth pursuing. Better to live in a life of turmoil and keep it to yourself, than to relive it all in graphic detail to someone like yourself.

And as for the infamous May "age of consent" argument and the "I’m just simply saying the age of consent in this country at the moment is too high.”?

Imagine if the age of consent really was 13 (as opposed to the "unofficial" 13 year old "consent" )?
Imagine if it was legal for a 30, 40 year old plus to be able to use and abuse their position of power to target, groom and abuse children of 13? I presume that Barbara Hewson is not just talking about teenagers of 13 plus experimenting and having sex with each other (as they do), but the age of consent to be 13 full stop. What a disgusting and scary thought. Has she really thought about the implications of this?

The NSPCC may have stated her views as "ill informed" , but I reckon her views go far further than this. Her views, are in my opinion, part of the reason why abuse like Savile's and Hall's is allowed to go on unchecked for so long, and more than part of the reason why victims of "historic" (not that I like this description) abuse are so wary of coming forward, so wary of disclosing because they won't be believed.

"AVP dinosaur" Barbara Hewson's (and no doubt others) views are the problem that needs to be sorted out to allow victims to get proper justice, truth and closures.


  1. Barrister Barbara Hewson is an odd one. I think she has been banging on about lowering the age of consent to 13 for at least the last two decades

    The age of consent will always be problematic but we do need to have one and I think we have it about right at 16 with a bot of flexibility in the way it is applied.

    It would be interesting to know if Miss/Mrs Hewson has children and if she looks after them herself. I suspect not and that she is a "me" person; an achiever.

    What if she got her way? Children would be openly pestered for sex. So minded schoolteachers would be having sex with 13 year old boys and /or girls in their care. To facilitate obtaining 'consent' the children could be encouraged to take alcohol or other drugs.
    And bound to increase teen-tween-age pregnancies and STDs. Barking, Utterly barking.

    Would an an age of consent of 13 be a clean provide clean and closure of the debate and practical clarity?

    No .......

    Do we prosecute when the child is almost 13? ....... 12 and 363 days? ........ twelve and a half? ....... twelve? ...... almost twelve? ..... eleven, if they entered puberty early?
    Most children (especially boys) have barely even started puberty by 13 never mind completed it.

    The savilites are still criminals because it WAS against the law when the offences were committed.

    In a decade or two will Barbara Hewson be lamenting the "the persecution of old men" who had a habit of having sex with children aged 12,11,10,9,........?

    She strings words together plausibly but there is a box of frogs behind that make up.

  2. Agree totally with your sentiments Anon, the fact as well that Barbara Hewson is in the position she is, and is allowed to make these awful prejudicial statements in such a public way, is very disturbing.

    One must wonder exactly what her real agenda is by doing this in the way she has ...

  3. So Barbara Hewson wants to take us back to the 1880's before, what she calls "the moral panic"

    Right ........ when life was cheap and "child prostitution" could be procured for pennies or even for free from the vulnerable. Hewson clearly has an agenda and either does not know about or does not care about the ugly realities of life in the gutter and how her crazy ideals would work out in practice.

    Here is a mix including some of the less extreme scenarios.
    Gosh nearly 3pm..... Must get ready to pick up the kids.
    What do I need today?????
    ? bag of sweets
    ? game boy
    ? MP3 player
    ? cigarettes
    ? car keys
    ? phone with HD camera
    ? cinema tickets
    ? razor blade
    ? £5.50
    ? Bible (old testament)
    ? porno mag (featuring that celeb, to show what cool grown ups do, or to awaken that budding sexuality)
    ? lube & condoms
    Oh, what the hell, you never know, I'll take the lot! ...... except for the condoms ........ they always make me wilt before I've finished and it makes me so angry if they laugh or tell their friends. And, after all, the 'quarry' is nearly always clean, especially if it is their first time and the anti-virals are working on me for the moment.

    !!!!!!! Nearly forgot to take the phone number of Hardwicke's in case I get into bother again. That lady QC was so sympathetic to my predicaments and has always played a blinder in court and really made my little whores look like a schoolgirls [or was it the other way round?]...... She said she was 13 (this proves she lies) ..... she looks at least 14 and is no angel ....... where is the proof that she did not consent? .... It was raining but she freely got into the car .... she bruised herself when she flailed around in passion...... that was not a razor blade, my client has already stated that he showed her his platinum credit card to try to cheer her up when she got hysterical and it is very dim in that car park at 4pm in the winter ....... she is calling it rape because she is being teased mercilessly at school (kids are so cruel) ....... this poor old man is being persecuted in a moral panic and a witch hunt .....


    Barking is a small town in Surrey. Does Barbara Hewson live there, perchance?
    Forget "moral panic" it's an "amoral nitpick" .... and what a spread "Barbie" could lay on after her decades of campaigning.

    1. "amoral nitpick" ????
      Blame the spellchecker! I meant:
      Forget "moral panic" it's an "amoral picnic" .... and what a spread "Barbie" could lay on after her decades of campaigning.

      But perhaps Hewson is an "amoral nitpicker" on this issue. In a complex world there are conflicting morals and issues BH's morals centre around protecting old (& younger) men from the consequences of their serial offending. Unfit! Strike her off. The notion sex with children being acceptable in the 60's 70's & 80's is laughable IT WAS NOT. Perhaps it was different in her house.

  4. Exploring and discussing the global crisis of people trafficking and modern day slavery [both child and adult]

    Friday 19th July 2013
    Time: 1300 - 1400
    Location: St Helier Town Hall
    Attendance is free


    Bring your own "fig leaf"
    Especially if you remember the groups of Philippineo girls used to 'corporately entertain' groups of businessmen at Jersey's Havana Club, and no doubt other more private venues.
    I hope they were acting under total free will -but I doubt it

    St Helier, London, Birmingham, Bangkok..... Abusive and coercive relationships might span the street or span the globe.

  5. @BarbaraHewson on Twitter:
    Wildean by inclination, lawyer by profession, legalist by nature. Heroes: Oscar Wilde, Michael Collins, Camille Paglia. I practise free speech at spiked-online.

    "Wildean by inclination"
    What does that mean?
    Fancies sexual activity with boys a fraction of her age?

    She has the right to say what she does and we have the right to think she is a shallow, stupid, crazy and dangerous woman and Spiked should not soil themselves with her disease.

    I have nothing to declare except her genital fixation with pubescents.

  6. Satanic ritual abuse doesn't exist? Tell that to Paisnel's victims.

    1. The pedophile's PR-bitch is spouting nonsense - Give her airtime at your peril.

    2. Didn't Paisnel admit that his inspiration was this man

  7. Hi Richard,

    Thought I would share this with you.


    I was aware of the risks of being "reeled in" by blackmailers after compromising their modesty (or whatever) on the internet. Until reading this it had not occurred to me that it would be so organised - with online communities sharing and cooperating to entrap and then further entrap victims.

    I was actually thinking of encouraging my daughter (12) to read it. I am not particularly worried about her but I think it might be useful to reinforce the odd pep talk she has had about online safety.

    Any observations or advice gratefully received from you or your readers- also anything on other sites.

  8. Thank you for the comment and link Anon, that was one disturbing article, and one I hadn't seen before. With technology moving forward at the fast pace it is currently, I would be quite prepared myself to show this to my older children as well, it puts in perspective how easy it can be to coerce and blackmail children who may still be a little naïve online.

    CEOP (thinkyouknow), is one if the more well known organisations that promote advice on staying safe online, and (as far as I am aware), all (or most)schools do make a point of teaching this nowadays as routine.


    1. Yes
      had several rather scary aspects.

      But it also demonstrates why 13, 14 etc. year olds (&"tweenagers") need protecting form the sexual attention of adults.

      IMO children and particularly teenagers do NOT need protecting form sex. But they need to learn in a safe and healthy environment. It may be that some more mature teenagers healthy development would benefit from sex before the age of 16, safely & within their own age group. Sexual frustration, unguided imagination and also the availability of extreme porn put developing youngsters at risk of psychological attachment to un-real sexual experience which may skew their attitudes. The sexual instinct is irrepressible, artificially repressing it will likely cause it to burst out in inappropriate directions which may become habitual.
      I should like my own children to wait, but ultimately it is far more important to me that their sexual experiences are happy, healthy and free of coercion -far more important than the actual age of their first sex.

      Coercion can more broadly include manipulation or manipulative behaviour, and an adult wanting sex can be capable of manipulation far beyond the understanding or experience of a young teenager even if it stops far short of the blackmail and entrapment techniques discussed in the article. Victims may understand immediately or only years later how they have been used or violated and were no more special than a long line of other youngsters befriended or targeted by the paedophile, Hebephile or Ephebophile.

      Age of consent legislation will always be problematic but it does give a level of protection to the vulnerable who need it. Lowering the age of consent to 13 would lead 'lambs to the slaughter' - possibly literally as sexual activity and rebelliousness may take teenagers into bad company and dangerous situations, not to mention the danger of STDs and AIDS -and bullying and suicide as was tragically recorded in the article.

      An age of consent of 13 would cause massive imbalance of power issues too countless to list. For example, would the 13 year old feel in a position to argue if the "grown up" wanted to take pictures or said that they did not need to use a condom? Would the child be consenting, or would they just be doing as they were told -like at school?
      A girl could legally get pregnant at 13 but she would still be at school and she would have to wait half a decade before she could buy alcohol - that's mad !

      The article fails to mention the likelihood of children who have been ensnared by e.g. foolishly exposing themselves to webcams then being sequentially coerced into eventually meeting for full sex or even human trafficking.
      A more experienced person might halt the coercion at the outset by saying something like: "So you pictured my boobs after 15 hours at your computer. So what? Get a life, Looser"
      An unprepared teenager in the vulnerability of their developing sexuality is a soft target for these inadequates - Educate your kids before someone else does.

  9. Is Barbara Hewson QC the new face of "PIE re-erected" ?

    PIE, The Paedophile Information Exchange :


    which includes:
    "After the trial, it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr "Henderson" had worked for MI6 and been a high commissioner in Canada. Mr "Henderson" was later revealed via Private Eye to be Sir Peter Hayman."
    "One-time treasurer of PIE Charles Napier is alleged to have sexually assaulted boys ....... He set up his own school in Turkey and resumed English Language Training with the British Council after serving his sentence.[11]"

    Napier ??? any relation ?

    1. Sir Peter Hayman was one [of many] where prosecution was not deemed 'in the public interest'

      So who are the public? - in UK or Jersey
      -or do they mean public as in public-school?

      Did Sir Peter Hayman have too much dirt on others or was he just doing a bit of overtime ?
      -beyond the call of duty, so to speak.