Thursday, 8 August 2013

"The Real Deal"

Before I start, this is my one and only posting on this subject, am reluctant to give this any airtime, but thought I would let Mic Wright of the Telegraph some information.

Whilst reading some articles about the supposed 13 Year Old Predator  that has been in the news since Monday, I happened across this "interesting" piece by Mic Wright, chief tech blogger of the Telegraph - link and article is here -

"Neil Wilson is 41 years old. He took a 13-year-old girl home, allowed her to strip and then engaged in what we must euphemistically refer to as a “sex act” with her. For this and other offences including the possession of eight images of child sexual abuse and eleven sexual images involving horses and dogs, he received an eight-month suspended sentence. But it’s not the lenience of the punishment that has pushed the case into the headlines. It's the comments of the prosecutor and judge.
The Crown Prosecution Service has disavowed the words used by prosecutor Robert Colover at Snaresbrook crown court as “inappropriate”. That’s far too mild, almost offensively so. Colover told the court: “The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.” His Honour Judge Nigel Peters said in his judgment: “On these facts, the girl was predatory and was egging you on. That is no defence when dealing with children but I am prepared to impose a suspension.” This should go without saying, but in an encounter between an adult man and a girl of 13, the child is not the predator. Regardless of whether she has been sexualised, she is a victim.
I hadn't thought a great deal about this case before I came into contact with a real predator last night. Popping up in the middle of a conversation on Twitter about my bullying piece, someone called “the OSC” revealed himself (or, less likely, herself) to be a fervent defender of paedophiles. Not only does this individual have a Twitter account dedicated to obsessively pushing distorted views about children, he also has a blog. One which has been relentlessly updated since April 2012. I've since discovered that OSC stands for "Online Sex-Offender Community".
I’m flagging up this particular example not because it is rare or unusual but because there is a whole network of these sites and accounts across the web. Those who identify themselves as part of the Online Sex-Offender Community are brazen. Their behaviour justifies the scepticism I and many others have shown towards David Cameron’s internet filtering proposals.
One of the measures put forward the Prime Minister and his dotty surrogate on the issue, Claire Perry, is a pop-up to tell those who seek child abuse images that they risk their jobs, their lives and their families by doing so. The existence of sick individuals such as the OSC, operating in the open on social networks, puts paid to the notion that these people can be shamed. Among the OSC’s messages about the Wilson case there are several references to the girl as a “Lolita”.
The existence of these dangerous individuals is the reason we need to spend more money on traditional policing and investigations. It’s also why charities such as The Lucy Faithful Foundation, which works to prevent abuse and deal with offenders and potential offenders, are so important. The brashness of the OSC is yet more evidence that desperately clutching at technical solutions is not the way to deal with this evil."
I really think Barbara Hewson (and Robert Colover) should read of this & see who the real predators of this world are - instead of calling thirteen year old victims of paedophiles and sex abusers either "predators" or girls "that are not much better than the men who abuse them". However, there again, as Barbara Hewson is keen to lower the age of consent to thirteen herself, maybe this is the reasoning behind her butting into this particular news this week, who knows?
Anyway to clear a couple of things up for Mic (maybe he has already found this out already) the "real deal" he found the other night, who calls himself "The OSC" (online sex-abusers community") is no other than paedophile Nigel Oldfield. For those of you who are not familiar with him,  he was arrested in Aug 2002 for taking pictures of children and having 11,000 IIOC and videos on his computer. In 2005, he was exposed for running a paedophile website from inside prison
And yup, he is also on Twitter as Mic Wright found out the other day.
And yup, he also has his own sick blog in which he (amongst various other things like pulling apart my blog posts) tries to justify paedophilia and the actions (for example) of downloading IIOC etc.
So maybe Barbara, instead of trying to lower consent to 13, instead of justifying predatory paedophiles like Saville and Hall, instead of describing 13 year old victims of child abuse as "no better than the paedophiles who abuse them", maybe you should start standing up for CSA victims instead, start become more aware of sick minded individuals who are all over the internet, (including Twitter) who are trying to justify their own warped actions & perversions to any like minded paedophiles and paedo-sympathisers, and maybe do a Spiked article about this instead?
One more thing Mic, for you to do if you haven't done so already, also to anyone else who doesn't want this on their list of Twitter followers -
"Don't expect us" - BLOCKED



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  1. Thank you for an important blog entry. These monsters are constantly trolling us on social media. It's helpful to know how prevalent they are, what motive lies behind their words, how easily you were able to find the true sordid history behind the paedophile trolling you.