Friday, 30 August 2013

Sexual Orientation, Mental Disorder, Disability Or Just Plain Perversion.

An interesting and at the same time quite a nauseating article - one from 2011 however one that seems to have reared it's head somewhat over the previous few months.
Reading the article, the comments, and associated forums that have recently been discussing this, it seems that most people that have read and commented seem to be under the impression that this is some sort of attack on homosexuality, and indeed, some seem all to keen to add their bigoted small minded comments onto forums and blogs.
After very little looking around, it was quite easy to find the original Committee Meeting in Canada's parliament from February 2011, and reading through it is far more vomit inducing (to be frank) than the newspaper article in the above link. The full transcript is available here
and for those of you who have the time and the stomach for it, I strongly suggest reading through this, lengthy as it is.
For those of you who may not have the time, one of the main highlights relevant to this posting is here:
        I am concerned, Professor Van Gijseghem—and I know you well as I have heard you testify on a number of other subjects—because you say, if I am not mistaken, that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem:
    That is what I said.

    Should it therefore be compared to homosexuality?

Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem:
    Yes, or heterosexuality. If, for instance, you were living in a society where heterosexuality is proscribed or prohibited and you were told that you had to get therapy to change your sexual orientation, you would probably say that that is slightly crazy. In other words, you would not accept that at all. I use this analogy to say that, yes indeed, pedophiles do not change their sexual orientation.
Now, please excuse my ignorance (yet again), but I always thought that a Sexual Orientation, was purely a gender thing - i.e. heterosexuals, homosexuals or bisexuals.  Where does anywhere state that anything other than gender attraction is a sexual orientation? Does this also mean that all sexual paraphilia are all "sexual orientations? What about gerontophilia?, what about hebephilia? what about ephphebphilia? What about good old fashioned teleiophilia or adultophilia ? Where does it all stop?
One of the other things to take into account, is discrimination, and this I believe is the scariest part of this whole discussion and the main reason I feel that this is more than likely being pursued as much as possible by every paedophile and paedophile sympathise there is. Society today in the majority of cases and quite rightly so, has a range of laws that are in place to stop discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (example here ECHR Sexual Orientation), and you can bet your bottom dollar that every paedo would want paedophilia to be officially diagnosed as a "sexual orientation" so that they too can be protected by law against being discriminated.
Scary stuff imho.
Anyway, I digress a little.
In the previous few years, I have read many articles stating what paedophilia is.
In Greece, it is classed as a "disability" and no doubt paedophiles can also (as it is a disability) claim disability benefits....
In the UK, it is classed as a Mental Disorder , as it is (I believe) in the US
Now in Canada, it is being pushed as a Sexual Orientation , which as explained briefly above, is possibly the worst of these "options"
Often as well, we hear offenders claim that they were abused themselves, which as caused them to become paedophiles as well (aka The dubious "life cycle of an offender"), although my belief is the majority of these are more likely to be fabrications in order to gain sympathy and therefore get a lesser sentence.
So, what is it?
"Mental disorder", "disability", "sexual orientation", "the result of childhood abuse", a vile "fetish" or something else? Someone tell me please - the world nowadays seems to find an endless supply of excuses for paedophilia, instead of concentrating on dealing with and helping victims of these vile crimes.
Whatever it is, there is never any excuse for any crime associated with paedophilia. No-one forces anyone at gun-point to abuse a child, or download IIOC.
Whatever it is, paedophiles do have their own minds, and are very manipulative and have (or have tried to) groomed everyone for far too long.
Whatever it is, society needs to ungroom itself, to stop looking for and redefining the causes of adults sexually abusing children - it needs to get back to the basics, that abuse is abuse and that offenders have no excuse for what they do.


  1. Paedophiles might just have a sexual orientation. I just might have an inborn sexual orientation for setting fire to people I am attracted to. You might be sexually attracted to murdering someone by strangulation during sex. Some murderers gain sexual thrills from killing. Whatever.

    The only point that matters here is that sex with a non-consenting partner is too wrong to lump in the same category as sex between willing, mutually consenting adults. Kids aren't capable of understanding or providing consent. So no matter what someone's orientation, if they do not have the consent of their partner, it is an act of aggressive criminality on an innocent person. No one cares why you want to do that, you just aren't entitled to do that. Sex with children is always about denying their rights to not be molested, a right far superior to the right anyone has to act on every sexual impulse, innate orientation or not. The right of innocents to not be harmed reigns supreme as a foundation of civilization.

    1. Agree with your second paragraph totally Anon, however not sure if I do with your first one.

      Sexual orientation, as I understand it, is gender orientated. Gerontophiles are attracted to old people, that is their sexual "preference", however what orientation they have would be distinguished by whether they (legally) had sexual relationships with male or females. Similarly, I would imagine, paedophiles have the same sexual "preference" to children, but their orientation I would imagine, would be what gender they (illegally) sexually abuse, male or female.

      If, and it is a big if (the debate will never be settled 100% I reckon), it is somehow accepted that this is actually a "sexual orientation" (I hope not), the dangerous implication then is the subject of discrimination against sexual orientation.

      You can be sure, even though your second paragraph is absolutely correct, that paedophiles would fight tooth and nail to make sure that they do not get discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. That is the one thing that really must not happen ever, imagine not being able to discriminate against them becoming teachers for example? May sound far fetched, but I'm not so sure....

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