Monday, 16 September 2013

AVP and the Sunday Mirror


Rather than bore you with explaining the AVP in the above article, that the media sometimes reports like this, here is the e-mail I have sent to The Daily Mirror. I have also raised this with the press complaints commission - lets see what (if any) response I get. Knowing Ryan Parry from previous complaints, I will receive either nothing at all, or an e-mail asking me not to waste any of his time on complaints like this.

Anyway - here goes.

I have as you will have known, desisted from e-mailing you regarding your continued (but not quite so much) use of the trivialising way that you describe indecent images of children.
However, I must complain about the disgusting way that the above story has appeared in Sunday's Mirror.
2 points -
Firstly the way that the girls are merely described as under aged (before you point out to me, I know they are) rather than as children. Someone seeing a headline about underage girls would assume that they are within a couple of years under the age of consent - not somewhere between ten and twelve years old. These should not be described as "underage", but as children - as children are exactly what they are.
Secondly and more importantly, the choice of words by the Mirror "Four in a bed romp".
Please - even the Mirror must know that this sort of statement implies some sort of steamy orgy - a mutual sexual consent between all four parties. Reading a headline describing a four in a bed romp, should be best left to some celebrity gossip column, a "Sunday Sport" special maybe, an article in NUTS or ZOO - but never to describe 2 Corrie stars being allegedly caught sexually abusing two 10-12 year old children.
I would be very grateful for a reply this time - I realise the last e-mail I received from Mr Parry advised me that I was wasting too much of his precious time by e-mailing him my concerns, but child abuse is a serious issue and should never ever be trivialised and downplayed in the manner you are doing. This has to be one of the worst headlines to describe alleged child abuse I have seen in a long time.
Many thanks"

Not holding my breath - it's bad for my health!


  1. When somebody like yourself just talks about pedophilia over and over again I think you are hiding some secret yourself. They say that those who you least expect are to be treat with the most suspicion. Maybe you get aroused talking about it?

    1. Anonymouse - I find it easier to challenge AVP (check out my first posting to see the meaning) via this method than by constantly e-mailing the media when they use such terms. Simple as that, that is the sole reason for me starting this blog. My blog is not part of the "hang them" brigade, nor the "name and shame" - there are enough of them out there & that is not the thing to do. Someone like you anonymouse must take a small interest in this or else you wouldn't have left a comment.

  2. Keep "wasting his time" but don't expect any sense out of the Sunday Mirror / Daily Mirror

    In contrast; Richard Dawkins respods initeligently to criticism:

    1. This blog depicts the spirit of volunteer efforts for the public good. This is the way change happens. Someone connects with a few like-minded individuals and they become a force for change - if their ideas resonate with the public. This idea is good, and its time has come.

    2. Hi 15:26,
      Totally agree. I was saying that Ric should keep on "wasting" Mr Parry's time.

      I also make the point that Richard Dawkins had responded intelligently by clarifying his position. On balance I feel he is a friend of the cause

      I also left the comment below RE "1st commenter, Anonymous @ 06:45" and I clarify the subtext, which is that the culture which enabled Savile and HDLG is very much alive in Jersey and is strongly reasserting itself !

    3. Thank you Anon, and yup, fair play on RD, he did respond well :) Fully agree with you regarding the culture that is still flourishing here in Sunny Jersey - one day, as another local blogger put it, Jersey will "have its Hillsborough" ... the only question is when?

      Seeing the way that the various care home abuse cases are coming out of the woodwork throughout the UK, it is inevitable that one day Jersey's will follow.

  3. 1st commenter, Anonymous @ 06:45

    Richard Bougeard is a long time child protection campaigner and I understand he was involved in bringing "Sarah's Law" to Jersey with the help of Jersey police officer Stewart Gull.

    Mr. Bougeard is a child protection campaigner and this is his campaign blog - so, "unon", what else is he going to talk about ?

    Anonymous @ 06:45 was motivated to leave a comment so, of the two. it seems more likely that they are the paedophile or pro-paedophile campaigner.

    Perhaps they are even this character JH who has been regularly mentioned on the Ex-Health Minister's blog :

    A sign of just how deep Jersey's problems go is that this gentleman JH together with 3 more unsavoury establishment characters have just benefited from £380,000 (at least) of taxpayer's money for a failed super injunction:

    If you can't resist anonymously viewing child abuse images or perhaps even progressing to repeat such abuses yourself then please visit :
    or seek help from your doctor.