Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An Extra Addition - Easyfunding.

Readers of this blog may have spotted something an extra addition to my blog as from yesterday. For those who haven't, please scroll down to the very bottom and take a read.

The addition I am referring to is an added part with details of an organisation called Easyfunding.

Taken from the Easyfunding How it works page, the following is a brief description of how funds are raised:

"Easyfundraising.org.uk helps charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes to raise money when their supporters shop online. So far we've raised over £4 million for causes throughout the UK.
It works in a similar way to many other loyalty shopping sites, but instead of earning points when you shop, you raise a donation for your cause instead. It's as simple as that!
You can shop with over 2,000 well known stores and each will donate up to 15% of what you spend. For example, John Lewis will donate 1%, Amazon 1.5%, The Body Shop 6%, some insurance retailers will even donate up to £30 simply for taking out a policy with them!"

It is very simple to register with, and if you shop online, as a lot of people do nowadays, it is a great way to help raise funds at no cost to anyone. With current financial conditions, to be able to fundraise for free  in this way is a huge help to any charity or good cause that you choose to support. As well as raising funds whilst shopping online, you can also raise funds simply by signing up to newsletters or taking out free one month trials also, as well as entering monthly competitions to win cash prizes for your cause.

By far the best way (I think) to help, is to save this as your homepage and search Online, as you would via Google / Bing / Yahoo. Every time you complete a search - that is raising funds for The Phoenix Post. So far, just by using this Search Engine in the last year and a bit, we have raised over £100!

If it wasn't for Sara Payne and Shy Keenan, we would not have Sarah's Law in Jersey.

If it were not for Sara Payne and Shy Keenan, this blog would not have been started,.

If it were not for Sara Payne and Shy Keenan, I would not be challenging AVP, appealing against Unduly Lenient sentences, or anything else I currently do.

They are the two people who have inspired me to do this, and by setting The Phoenix Post up with Easyfunding and Easysearch, this is one way that I show support for the work they do in helping and advocating for victims of paedophile crimes.

So please, click on the link at the very bottom of my blog (the "Ready to Join, Support Us Now" one), have a look around Easyfunding, and if you too would also like to help Sara and Shy continue their work by helping to fund them to do it, please register and use Easyfunding whilst shopping online, and use Easysearch instead of Google.

Thank you.

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  1. My most important ever posting, and just for the survival of HUMANKIND Wake the hell up sheep!!!