Sunday, 20 October 2013

AVP and Judge Peter Bowers. Again. And Again.


"A MAN who sexually abused a child walked free from court after a controversial judge told him his historic offence was “water under the bridge”.
Judge Peter Bowers was at the centre of a media storm in 2012 after telling a serial burglar it took a huge amount of courage to steal from homes.
Following complaints, his comments were investigated by the judicial watchdog, with Prime Minister David Cameron publicly criticising the remarks. Yesterday (Friday October 18), Judge Bowers attracted further criticism when he handed 35-year-old Gary Flynn a community order after he admitted indecently assaulting a young girl more than 15 years ago.
Flynn, of Belle Vue Court, Norton, near Stockton, admitted touching the younger girl’s genitals and forcing her to have oral sex when he was aged between 16 and 18.
Judge Bowers praised Flynn – previously cautioned for a similar offence - for pleading guilty and sparing his victim the ordeal of giving evidence before handing him a three year community supervision order. He told him: “You were a teenager suffering from the effects of a head injury which made your maturity and responsibility less than somebody of your age.
“This is water under the bridge. You have lived 15 or 17 years without other convictions and there is no reason to think you will be committing offences in the future.” 
Is this for real?
"Water under the bridge"
Does this victim see this as just Water under the bridge?
Google this phrase & see what the top meaning is.
"water under the bridge (<lg>or <ge>N. Amer.</ge></lg> water over the dam)
phrase of water
  1. 1.
    used to refer to events that are in the past and consequently no longer to be regarded as important.

    "I don't want to talk about that—it's all water under the bridge now"
"All in the past and no longer to be regarded as important"
"Judge Bowers praised Flynn – previously cautioned for a similar offence - for pleading guilty"
With attitudes like this, is it any wonder that adult (and child) victims of child abuse don't find it easy to come forward and disclose. With attitudes like this, no wonder the Saville culture flourishes even up until this day. With attitudes like this, no wonder people have no faith whatsoever in the justice system. This sort of AVP language has no place in the judicial process, and should NOT be tolerated.
So, let's have a closer look at Judge Bowers, as it seems this isn't the first time he has caused "controversy"
( in this case Judge Peter Bowers actually said (believe it or not) 'I have read with some concern about you, and this addiction you have had of looking at pornography of little children.") so as well as letting him off, he thinks (or describes) IIOC as "pornography of little children!!!!


So, readers of this blog posting have two things to do instead of moaning about this :)
One - Unduly Lenient - e-mail and appeal this as Unduly Lenient. Does it matter if the offenses were committed in the 1990's? Nope, this should have still resulted in a custodial sentence.
Two - make a complaint about the appalling AVP language used by Judge Bowers. E-mail (Judicial Conduct Investigations Office) and let them know your feelings about "historical" child sex abuse being considered "Water under a bridge". This AVP Culture needs to stop. NOW!!

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