Saturday, 16 November 2013

Normalising Paedophilia - the Chinese Way

"Sex dolls look a bit creepy at the best of times, but this is just plain wrong.
A Chinese website is under fire for selling disturbingly life-like child-size, sex dolls.
The disturbing advert, spotted by an advocacy group on Facebook, called Dining for Dignity shows the model of a girl, who does not look much older than 9 or 10.
Described as a “beautiful young girl sex doll for men,” the item costs $178 and is available to ship worldwide.
Worryingly 57 of them have been sold so far to customers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and more, the advert shows.
The product listing boasts that it is highly flexible, and that "all three holes can be used."

"Wrong" is the biggest understatement I can think of at this monstrosity. What the hell is anyone anywhere doing openly promoting and selling items like this on their site? The ONLY reason that such a disgusting thing is on their site, can only be to attract paedophile buyers for them to use them and imagine themselves having sex with a real child in any way, disgusting as this sounds. That is of course, until the novelty wears off and they go the next step.....

Surely this cannot be legal?

Surely it cannot be legal to have these shipped anywhere in the world, including the UK? Are there not laws that prevent this type of product/material being sent here?

Personally I have never heard of DHGate before reading the story in the Huffington Post, linked above. Now that I have, I would urge all readers to do two things.

1) Share either the link, or this post, and ask everyone to BOYCOTT DHGate if they use it, or if they come across this site and are tempted to use it. DHGate cannot be allowed to sell items aimed at normalising paedophilia in this blatant way. They cannot be allowed to do this. This is morally and ethically WRONG.

2) Contact DHGate on this link - Message DHGate and make your feelings known. Tell them you will be boycotting their site, and that you will be recommending to everyone you know that they too boycott it. Word will get around - 'The more the merrier' as the well known saying goes. (Unfortunately, unless you have an account with DHGate, you cannot directly message the seller, and I am not doing that).

With the ever increasing global fight against child sexual exploitation and child abuse, it makes no sense whatsoever that with a couple of clicks, paedophiles can be buying themselves a sex doll that appears to be of a pre-pubescent child. We should be standing up against child sexual abuse, not normalising and encouraging it in this disgusting way.


  1. Hi JerseyRic,

    I’m the head of the buyer marketing department at I was made aware of your article, and the sex doll listings this morning, Beijing time, by our customer support department. Let me start by apologizing to the general public on behalf of DHgate, and we are equally as concerned as you are. We absolutely do not condone the sale of these products, and have taken immediate and swift action to remove the listings and the sellers from our marketplace. As a result, we are now enforcing further rules, regulations, and restrictions to ensure these products never appear on our marketplace again. In addition, we are currently in the process of further enhancing our Trust and Safety detection technology, so that we can track and crack down on any and all questionable products in our marketplace more effectively.

    Although we're not the seller of the product, but do hold ourselves accountable for what is listed on the marketplace. We encourage everyone to help us in our continuing effort to improve the quality of our marketplace, by alerting us of any questionable listing by emailing us at We’ll be adding a new feature on our listing detail page this week, that will allow users to easily report any item to our Trust and safety department. We pledge to act immediately upon receipt of any such notification.

    I would really appreciate it if you could add an update to your post, referencing our responding actions, and sharing our email address with everyone. We pledge to do everything in our power to ensure the incident does not repeat itself, and would love your help in spreading the word.


  2. Thank you very much for your response, very much appreciated. Have re-shared this post & advised of your update.

  3. Thank you RBougeard and DH Gate.
    Kelly Master

  4. Well done RB

    Thank you DHGate
    but not quick enough.........."Worryingly 57 of them have been sold so far to customers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and more"

  5. Hi Richard,

    One of the things which various child abuse disasters (notably BBC / Jimmy Savile) have taught us is the importance of reporting reasonable suspicions that a child is being abused.

    Presumably this reporting is still not required the law in Jersey or in the UK.
    Can you confirm and give us an indication on when this might happen locally or nationally?

    Do we know of the effectiveness of this sort of legislation abroad?

    1. Hi JMLIJ #FreeSyvretNow - (awesome name btw) - as far as I know, as it stands, there is no mandatory reporting of suspicions of child abuse either here or in the UK. Recently Kier Starmer (former director of public prosecutions) has called for this in the UK, and I think that this was/is due to be brought up here as well.

      Not sure about it's effectiveness abroad (US, Australia etc), will see what I can find out & get back to you on this.

    2. Thanks Richard,

      The "awesomeness" of my name is improved if you click on it :-)

      There are a number of parallel Free Stuart Syvret campaigns on twitter

      as far as I know #FreeSyvretNow is the largest and is approaching critical mass

      Hopefully someone has started a well informed facebook campaign but I have not had time to look.

      Anyone worldwide who cares about child/vulnerable protection and the destruction of the Jimmy Savile culture should do what they can to campaign for this whistleblower's immediate release.

      The expensive campaign of attrition against Stuart Syvret has taken him from Health Minister to destitute political prisoner in Jersey

      "Like Trying to swim in a Lake of Vomit"
      (comments will not be published because Mr.Syvret is currently "held at Her Majesty's pleasure")

      In addition to political and democratic deficits on the island, the judicial system appears to have been infiltrated over decades by paedophiles or their concealers, such as Jurat Le Breton.

      All this under the cover of a tightly controlled island media, and now under abused of the data protection act.

    3. I will second all that you have said above - the continued exposure of what has (and is) happening in Jersey following the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster must leave a lot of people worldwide completely baffled with the actions that have been taken by TPTB here, including the Sharp Report & ex Jurat Le Breton...

      You'll have to let everyone know how you do the link in your name, spotted that yesterday on the excellent Bob Hill Blog :)

  6. Hi Richard,

    By coincidence, the other week I found myself having an online conversation with an autistic lady (not in excessive detail & light hearted, I hasten to add)

    I followed this up with some much more serious comments to Bob hill on the same blog:

    My comment and particularly any discussion of it is much better placed on your blog so I reproduce the relevant part of it below for your thoughts.


    This issue [Re. child sex-dolls] needs careful consideration but IMO it is far more likely that the ready availability of these items creates and nurtures (and mainstreams) paedophile demand rather than permanently satisfies it in a relatively harmless (but distasteful) way.

    I am a practical person rather than being doggedly moralistic. The child sex-doll is a taboo and IMO a dangerous item but perhaps we should suspend our disgust and judgement for a moment. Paedophile appetites are as old as the hills and are here to stay as part of the diversity of human sexual paraphilia.

    IMO these items should be generally illegal to possess BUT there is just a possibility that child sex-dolls might be able to make a major contribution to child safety. If other treatments have failed it might form part of a monitoring and management regime for released paedophiles or even self-referring paedophiles who have not yet progressed to offending.

    Career paedophiles regularly procure several hundred victims over a lifetime, causing significant damage to most of them. Due to a number of issues including the vulnerability of the victim and the nature of the offence only a proportion of these crimes are reported or convicted.

    It is likely that a significant proportion of suicides in society occur with people who have self esteem issues at least partially related to sexual predation issues in their childhood.

    Sensible or knowledgeable comment on any aspects of this would be appreciated.


    Note that I am suggesting the possibility that these items should licenced as part of offender management rather than being generally available. I would prefer that a 10,000+ rubber children were abused if that stopped it happening to one real child.