Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Promotion of Paedophilia Chinese Style - Part Two - AliExpress

"Each Member further represents, warrants and agrees that the User Content that you submit, post or display shall:    
c) not contain information that is defamatory, libelous, threatening or harassing, obscene, objectionable, offensive, sexually explicit or harmful to minors; "
So it states in the Terms and Conditions of Alibaba and AliExpress.
So, again, we have another company - another Chinese company - that has goods for sale that promote paedophilia. Sexually explicit certainly, and 100% definitely "harmful to minors"
So, again, we have another company - another Chinese company - that has what appears to be child sex dolls for sale.
In this case however, there seems to be no contact details for AliExpress anywhere on their website where these items are openly being sold. Their Twitter account is very rarely used, their Facebook page is non-existent, and there are no e-mail contacts. Just Google "Contact AliExpress" and you will see.
One example
One example is above - there are others though. A couple of the ones are here and here - sorry ... there's no way you can say that these are adult ones, these are child ones.
As described in a facebook message in Dining for Dignity - "Ali Express has young girl sex dolls. One is 4 ft. tall with underdeveloped body. Another looks like a tween with a teddy bear. Both have great sexual description"
Nice - not.
Now, after a bit of digging, I have managed to find 3 different e-mail contacts for people at Alibaba including AliExpress (this very elusive company), and include them here:
And as per my previous posting would be extremely grateful for your two minutes in e-mailing them to try to get these products removed. There is no reason whatsoever for such blatant promoting of paedophilia in this way, and although this is probably a miniscule drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things, every little helps. 


  1. Hello Richard,
    Thank you for your email and bringing these items to our attention. We were first made aware of these types items listed on our various platforms on Sunday and our Trust & Safety team began immediately removing any postings that go against our listing policies. Please note that these products are strictly prohibited across all our sites. Should any related listings be found, they are immediately removed and members penalized.

    The team investigating these inappropriate listings conduct both a manual and computerized search. With millions of user content created postings, it's a lengthy process, so we appreciate your help in identifying postings from sellers that may have not have been identified by our team.

    The listings to the products from the sellers mentioned below have now been removed. Please rest assured our team will continue to investigate and remove any listings that do not comply with our policies.

    Thank you very much for your help in identifying these infringing listings. We will remain committed to a healthier e-commerce environment for businesses and consumers. With the help of special interest groups, concerned citizens and bloggers, like yourself, we can help prevent inappropriate content from being displayed on our platforms.

  2. Well done again Richard and

    This is a worthwhile but unending/increasing task (like plucking cooch-grass from the flower beds !) UNLESS a more systemic approach can be developed.

    No doubt there are now many manufacturers trying to cash in on this market
    Many of these dolls are associated with the JAPAN based company called Orient Industry which makes what it calls Candy Girl dolls

    Orient Industry website .........

    includes undeveloped child sized dolls in their range jewel ........ nano
    several photographed with teddy bears etc.

    CandyGirls dolls Petit Pure 4.5m results
    CandyGirls dolls petite nano 1.2m results
    could search:........ Erie doll ....... Satsu (schoolgirl) .....petit, pure, nano
    ........... Candygirl Matrix - 140 cm petit pure Alice

    All tastes at "KanojoToys" ...........

    There are doll "user" forums with a clear interest in pubescent / pre-pubescent girls (No doubt young boy versions are also on sale somewhere) ...... e.g....... ......" MiniLoveDolls"..... e.g.
    "Also, please feel free to contact me through our webpage ( ) if you need any assistance."

    " MiniLoveDolls" are being marketed throught EU outlets to reduce potential "embaresment" at customs
    see ..... .....or...... ......
    ...or....... .....or.....

    These UE outlets look overtly "normal" but are recommended on the forums for "special items"

    (Note. under EU law the UK probably cannot stop the import of EU items so dialogue & EU clampdown or policy is needed)


    A particular danger that I see is that sexual taste (or even orientation) has a considerable learnt element so the unrestricted availability of child sex-dolls to represents a danger to forthcoming generations of children in our society.
    A practical observation is that "life-like" child dolls seem to start at £1000 or less with the equivalent adult versions being several times this price.
    Shy or inadequate or anti-social (but otherwise healthy) men may resort to sex-dolls and "learn" paedophilia, or become accustomed to paedophilia through a child-doll, not through innate preference but simply because it is more affordable!

    I do not have time or stomach to look into this any more at the moment but I feel that we need a more sophisticated approach to combat the proliferation of child sex-dolls and use them to licence, track or monitor potential offenders as suggested in one of my comments on your last thread.
    Another possibility is to come to an arrangement with the Japanese/Chinese/EU etc. in order to track who is receiving these items.

    If there is any merit in these thoughts then please spread them amongst your contacts.


    1. Thanks for the comment JMLIJ - some very valid points there. As you say, a never ending task if one put their whole time in it, I'm guessing there must be a never ending stream ofplaces these can be bought from. To be honest, not something I really have any knowledge of, apart from spotting the story in Saturdays Huff Post & it sort of went from there (glad to have highlighted it & with the results we have got). I agree totally with you in your comments regarding "learning" (or having an ever distorted view of what is right & wrong) by individuals who have been tempted into buying one of these monstrosities - this is the primary worry of finding these online in this fashion.

    2. Hi Richard,
      Sorry to go on a bit. There is so much to say I have had to split it into 2 comments.

      Generally the concept of someone 'loving' and copulating with a lump of silicone and plastic is funny and a probably a bit sad.

      Child sex-dolls are however not in the least bit funny. The dolls themselves are not monstrosities, it is the purpose for which they are designed, bought and used - and the psychology they will reinforce in the user, which is monstrous.

      The dolls themselves [at least the more tasteful ones] appear to be almost works of art. Probably originally molded off real children (or real adults) they look impressive and very convincing like you said. Except for them staring blankly out like a dead thing -which in spite of their £1000 to £9000+ price tag, is exactly what they are !

      Wouldn't it be easier to just say "Hi" to a real person, talk about the weather or the lateness of the bus etc, say haw nice they look, and maybe actually form a relationship?
      That should be so simple but modern society is suffering from an increasing loneliness problem. 30+% of the population suffer from varying degrees of shyness right through to debilitating social anxiety. The realities of modern life and pressures and the prevalence of the "me" centred culture and people spending more time in work or behind their own front door is making loneliness worse. There is plenty of loneliness other than the sexual loneliness of which sex-dolls generally must be a symptom. I think it should be of concern if increasing numbers of people are opting out of the "relationship/mating game" and going down dead end routes such as sex-dolls.
      Shyness is a problem for anyone but shy men have a particular problem because biologically and traditionally they are generally the 'chasers' within the sexual dynamic, and they are seeking women who are justifiably wary of pick-up-merchants so for some the challenge of metaphorically making "1+1=2" is unattainable or too consuming of time or anxiety.
      I can see society becoming more extreme in this respect as it will not of its own accord find it's way back towards a long lost idyll of trust and friendliness (which only ever partially existed).

      Forgive the rambling but this is of significance because sexual frustration and dissatisfaction have got to be a major driving force behind all perversions including paedophilia. We should also ask why society seems to be building barriers between people and how all individuals can be welcomed back into community. "Community" surely is the cement which holds successful societies together.

      It would be wrong to ignore the importance of the arch-typical "career paedophile" in sexual offending. In spite of being reasonably familiar with the issues data I we all tend to concentrate on "career paedophiles" in spite of them being responsible for a minority of offences.

      In a recent tweet you highlighted the excellent article:


    3. ...CONTINUED

      On this occasion clicking on my name will take you directly to the above article, rather than to the usual La Moye Prison broadcast !

      The article perfectly and concisely reminds us that the vast majority of sexual abuse of children is perpetrated by family members or carers (brothers, fathers, stepfathers friends etc) all of whom are generally "normal" but transgress into paedophilic activities (rather than by "career paedophiles").
      Shockingly I believe that elder brothers are the most common offenders. It would be interesting to know which types and circumstances of offending are the most damaging, rather than the basic research percentages.
      Incest is biologically undesirable (and illegal?) but consensual incest may be difficult to class in the as other abuse. In identifying who is abusing who one's temptation would be to blame the older child.
      "Blame" itself is a potentially dangerous concept as the social shame or guilt (even if internal & secret) may be more damaging then the activity (which itself was almost natural)

      Where a past relationship might have had an abusive element, it might be helpful for the more active participant to accept the responsibility, say any profound sorrys necessary, and perhaps achieve closure for all and forgiveness if appropriate.

      Sexuality is a complex spectrum and most child sex abuse is committed by "normal" people not by "career paedophiles".
      Child sex-dolls could form a psychological and habitual "bridge" for 'normal' people to transgress into abuse or even into career paedophilia.

      Bad ideas of the 21c !

  3. most smaller dolls in the states are produced with a huge bust. Mini love dolls for instance. The bust on that doll is huge for it's short stature. And the two faces for that doll do jot convey a child like image. Smaller ended dolls produced in the states represent the adult female. These are good dolls for veterans , or people with weight restrictions.

    Whereas I do not condone the sexualization of dolls that resemble children.
    At the same time you can't lump all small dolls into the same catagory because of their smallish stature. I believe there is a moral difference, or coltural difference between the east and west.