Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Child Abuse disguised as 'Religion' - "to train up a child".


"Two parents in Washington state have been found guilty of murder after allegedly following the abusive parenting techniques advocated in the parenting book "To Train Up a Child" by Michael and Debi Pearl.
Larry and Carri Williams received the maximum prison sentences allowable under the law after being found guilty of beating and starving their adopted daughter Hana to death. The methods they used to "discipline" their daughter were advocated in the controversial Christian book.
Some of the discipline techniques the Pearls teach include:
  • Using plastic tubing to beat children, since it is "too light to cause damage to the muscle or the bone”
  • Wearing the plastic tubing around the parent's neck as a constant reminder to obey
  • "Swatting" babies as young as six months old with instruments such as "a 12-inch willowy branch," thinner plastic tubing or a wooden spoon
  • "Blanket training" babies by hitting them with an instrument if they try to crawl off a blanket on the floor
  • Beating older children with rulers, paddles, belts and larger tree branches
  • "Training" children with pain before they even disobey, in order to teach total obedience
  • Giving cold water baths, putting children outside in cold weather and withholding meals as discipline
  • Hosing off children who have potty training accidents
  • Inflicting punishment until a child is "without breath to complain"
Recently, this was brought up in the House of Commons by MP Nadine Dorries, who, amongst others, have urged Amazon to withdraw this book - so far to no avail (it still being available here.)

If you can stomach it, it can be read here To Train Up A Child,- not easy reading !!

Seriously, this book should be removed from all online retailers, especially one like Amazon. Quite a few have already removed this, but not Amazon. Is it morally or ethical right for Amazon to profit from child abuse in this way?

There are two existing petitions, one for the UK and one for the USA , and there is also a new ePetition asking the UK Government to ban the sale of this book. Please add your signatures to one or more of these, and get others to do the same. Tweet Amazon - e-mail them (cis@amazon.com ), do whatever you can and want. This book is nothing to do with "training children to all parents who love their children" as quoted, this is a book filled with various ways of physically abusing babies and children under the supposed "guise" of religion. This book has been the catalyst of a number of deaths of children, and it really should be banned. If you are in any doubt why, read the book itself, or the various news articles of Hanna Williams , Lydia Schatz and Sean Paddock. Thank you


  1. ...... Inflicting punishment until a child is "without breath to complain"


    Some children would be cowed into silence by a punishment (beating)
    Others wouldn't, particularly if they were unstable, autistic, unwell or just very young (down to e.g. a baby)

    Even as a believer in this book you would have to be a very stupid parent to take it anywhere near the point of injury, never mind death but some people are very stupid.
    if it SAYS SO IN A BOOK some people will follow the instructions blindly especially if it is their first child (& they could be of a potential abusive nature anyway)

    -Could the Writers/Publishers, Sellers/Resellers be an accessory to the crime,
    -or have procured the crime.

    If the Publishers/Sellers smell a potential court case it could be off the shelves straight away.

    & ............ putting children outside in cold weather and withholding meals as discipline
    could be fatal very quickly if it is cold enough !

    1. Maybe: Incitement to harm

      #FreeSyvretNow on Twitter and contact your MP