Thursday, 26 December 2013

Russia - Getting it right

"MOSCOW, RUSSIA (BNO NEWS) — A Russian legislator submitted a bill Wednesday that would allow the government’s internet watchdog to block access to websites that contain texts which are deemed to favour paedophilia, strengthening current laws that allow the blocking of websites containing child pornography.
The bill was submitted to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, by Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) member of parliament Mikhail Degtyarev. It contains a number of amendments to the federal law on information that was last changed in 2012 to allow the government’s internet watchdog to block child pornography websites.
But Degtyarev said the current law does not allow the government to block other content written or distributed by paedophiles. “Since the federal legislation makes emphasis on banning visual images and doesn’t regulate in any way the freedom of paedophilic speech and ideas, amoral texts and messages of a paedophilic character are circulated quite legally,” he said, as quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency.
The legislator said he believes his bill will help to prevent future crimes against children and will limit access to internet sources used by paedophiles. It was not immediately clear whether the bill was likely to gather sufficient support or when a vote in parliament may take place.
More than 9,500 sex crimes against children were reported in Russia in 2009, including more than 960 cases that involved rape. But despite the authorities’ declared fight against the sexual abuse of minors, police are often slow to respond to allegations of child abuse, according to activists.
Pavel Astakhov, Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner to President Vladimir Putin, has in the past suggested the existence of a “paedophile lobby” in the country’s lower house of parliament, which he believes is responsible for the blocking of legislation that would have aided the fight against child sex abuse. "

So, Ignoring the AVP language, Russia can do this -why not the UK?

How many places online do YOU know that promote paedophilia and paedophilic activities?

How many places online do YOU know make excuses for paedophiles, what they do, and try to justify it?

How many Twitter/Facebook/Blog accounts etc. have YOU seen that are either run by paedophiles, or try to legitimise what they do?

Can this be done here in the UK?

If not, why not?

Thoughts .....


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    Children as old as 13 have died as a result of sex/rape by fully grown men: