Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The ever continuing normalisation of paedophiia - not "orientation", not "disability", now it's an Illness!

"Paedophilia is an illness and is linked to abnormalities in the brain’s white matter, according to one leading expert.
Clinical psychologist James Cantor, studied MRI scans to look at the brains of paedophiles and believes that there is a literal ‘cross-wiring’ of  the sexual response system and parental, nurturing system, in paedophiles' brains.
He also noticed that people who are sexually drawn to children are more likely to be left-handed, less intelligent and shorter than average men.
Dr Cantor, of the University of Toronto, Canada, was surprised to find ‘huge differences’ in the white matter of paedophiles’ brains when compared to those of typical men.
Talking on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, he explained he had expected to find differences in the brain’s grey matter, where major variations are often found.
He said ‘nothing’s ever in the white matter,’ which he describes as ‘cabling tissue’ that links different parts of the brain together.Dr Cantor said that when men find women sexually attractive, they unconsciously lower their voices and widen their stance, whereas when they talk to children their voices become higher.He explained that instead of evoking the typical responses that men exhibit when seeing a child, ‘it’s as if [paedophiles’] responses are cross-wired’ so that when they see a child, their brain ‘triggers the sex response system instead of the parental, nurturing system’."
Yet another so called "explanation" excuse for paedophilia - yet another attempt to normalise this into another "disease" / "sexual orientation" / "disability" / "mental disorder" / "illness".
Yes, there are people in this world who are quite obviously sexually attracted to children, disgusting as it sounds to the vast majority of us. However, like the rest of us, paedophiles have a choice in what they do. They do not have a proverbial gun pointed at their head, making them abuse children. They abuse children because they want to and because they can. Simple as that.
Why not just do the obvious, and label paedophilia as yet another paraphilia, or disgusting "sexual fetish", similar to any other "fetish"?
(BTW It can't be an orientation - an orientation is based purely on gender (lesbian, gay, bi, trans) and as paedophiles can be any of these, it cannot be an orientation in it's own right.)
If Dr Cantor is saying paedophilia is now an "illness", I assume he will be also redefining gerontophilia in the same way as well? He should do - what is the difference - it is a sexual attraction but to the elderly as opposed th children. Concept is the same... so?
Again, paedophiles CHOOSE TO ABUSE - they may not choose their paraphile/fetish, but a lot of them choose to act on it.
Stop making excuses - stop validating crimes against children, and stop redefining what is just another paraphilia that they CHOOSE to act on.
Start getting proper unprejudicial justice for victims, start punishing those who CHOOSE TO ABUSE and start getting priorities right.


  1. Don't knock this research. It confirms and seems to provide explanation of previous brain scan information.
    (sexual brain areas energised instead of nurturing areas)

    At last now that it is further evidenced as an illness ..... it is probably curable.

    In fact definitely ...... snip snip

    Could be the offending genitalia or the faulty brain wiring.


  2. I guess there are many killers who would show an abnormal brain, but its still against the law!

    I'm sexually attracted to females, near my own age of 30, but I do not go about trying to rape or abuse them!

    I bet these pedo's don't go running across the road without looking, as they know that they risk being run down by a car, equally they know what they do as a pedo is wrong, except they do it, with the belief they will get away with it.