Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - A New Year, New Attitude And New Language.

Sent to all the UK major media outlets. Let's see what we get back.

"Good evening and a Happy New Year to you.

Now that we have a brand new year, please can I ask that we have a brand new attitude to the language that you use to describe child sexual abuse. What I am proposing is as below:

"Child pornography" to be changed to "Child Abuse Images" or "Indecent Images of Children" (the correct legal definition). Reasons are that by definition, children cannot consent to anything sexual under 16 years of age, therefore cannot do "porn". Also, by definition as well, the only people who would refer to images or videos of naked children, or child sex abuse as "porn" are paedophiles - the rest of us would never think this was porn in a million years. Why should we use "paedo talk" to describe such images then?

"Child Prostitutes" to be changed to "Prostituted Children". Reasoning, although it seems that there is very little change, is the way in which the wording of the two relates to the victim of this crime. "Child prostitute" implies consent and a willingness to do this from the child, whereas "Prostituted Child" implies the forcing of this sexual exploitation by a third party (offender) and is therefore the accurate description.

"Child Sex" to be changed to "Child Rape" or "Child Sexual Abuse". Reasoning is the lack of consent between offender and victim. Sex is a natural consensual adult activity - Rape is sexual assault  initiated by someone against the others consent. With the new guidelines coming into force soon, and the removal of ostensible consent, there is no reason to describe the rape of a child as "child sex"

Offenders having "Affairs" with girls (usually when describing teacher-pupil abuse) or "Relationships" to be changed to "sexually abusing". reasoning is similar to the above - affairs are normally described as a romantic and sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other. As both "affair" and "relationship" imply consent, which is by definition not there as one party is a child under sixteen, this can only be described as Sexual Abuse.

I realise that all of you don't all use all the above, but you do use some of them. To stop trivialising these offenses, facilitating offenders,  and offending victims of these crimes, please can you consider my points as above.

I would be very grateful if you could let me know your thoughts - as I said above, "A new year, a new attitude and a new more accurate way of reporting.

Many thanks"


  1. Really, this posting sums up the importance of language choices perfectly. Agree with all you've said and hope we can all join you in pressing for these changes in media, popular culture and regular conversations. Words do matter, and you have worked diligently to educate us all. Thank you.

    1. Well said DG.

      Or to put it another way, in Archbishop Desmond Tutu's words:

      "Language is very powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes"

  2. On a parallel, but topical subject:

    Ex Jersey Health Minister & Child Abuse Whistle blower Stuart Syvret was released from prison yesterday!

    This was his 2nd incarceration as a political prisoner in the British Isles' rogue semi-feudal island of Jersey (3rd if you include the extension to his first sentence)

    He will probably soon be imprisoned again but he has given an interview to independent media:

    Much of the interview covers the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of children which continued at the Blanche Pierre Children's Home after HDLG (Haut de la Garenne) was closed -and also the cover up which extends to the present day.

    The 2nd youtube clip is the full Panorama programme including the marvellous footage of some of the abusers being discovered alive and well in the south of France after the the Jersey authorities let them off because they were allegedly dying of cancer:

    Other abusers that Jersey failed to prosecute then went on to work in childcare in the UK.

    Paedophile Jersey social workers including Nicholas Rabet also infiltrated orphanages and Children's Services in Islington which had links to the UK government

    Children were swapped between Islington and Jersey and FOI requests by The MP for Yardley have revealed that children were also transferred from Birmingham to the Jersey orphanages ......... and who knows how many other cities.

    The BBC Panorama programme entirely supports Ex Jersey Health Minister Stuart Syvret's claims. Mr. Syvret will soon be a political prisoner again as the Jersey child abuse cover up continues and the culpable continue to hold positions of power within Government, Prosecution, Education and Health !
    The lunatics are still running the asylum and pulling their puppets' strings, all in plain sight.

    London has ultimate responsibility for good governance in Jersey, but steadfastly refers all complaints back to the rogue authorities in Jersey.
    Perhaps they have just as much to hide?

    Thanks to Rico Sorda / Team Voice for the above youtube links