Friday, 28 March 2014

St Petersburg Bans Child Beauty Pageants

"Lawmakers in Russia's second city of Saint Petersburg have passed legislation banning children's beauty pageants as psychologically damaging to their participants.
The legislation was initiated by controversial lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov, who was a prominent backer of a law banning the "propaganda" of gay relationships to minors.
"Taking part in such contests crushes a child's psyche," Milonov said.
"I think people who hold such contests should be kept away from children. I grew up in a normal era and then no one compared children by their outer appearance, like dogs."
He estimated that around 3000 children's beauty pageants are held every year in Russia, with participants aged from four years old.
Some involve "a catwalk show in swimsuits", he complained.
The law says that beauty pageants "could cause harm to the health and/or physical, intellectual, spiritual and moral development of those under 16".
The local law introduces a fine of up to one million rubles ($A30,635) for the organisers of such contests"
Good. Totally relevant points by Milonov. Whilst I am 100% against his more "well known" feelings, and cannot fathom out his hate-filled bigotry that he shows towards the LGBT community, he is completely right (in my opinion) with his views in this particular article.
Children should not grow up thinking that they need to spray fake tan on themselves, plaster makeup on and wear inappropriate clothes to gain attention and better their self esteem.
 Children are children, not objects being pimped out by "commodiparents" (sorry for stealing this word Shy, but this is such a spot on description) in this manner.
Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood - these days it seems to disappear all too quick as it is.  
Children should never be "sexploited" and sexualised in any way - and like it or not, this is exactly what these pageants do.
Child beauty pageants should be banned totally, not just in St Petersburg. Recently, the French Senate voted on to put a ban on beauty pageants for young girls under the age of 16. When will the rest of the world wake up & follow suit?

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