Saturday, 15 March 2014

AVP - The Judiciary - An Update.

A small update on a couple of previous posts.
Readers may have read a couple of my posts before, namely the ones concerning Judge Jameson who describe paedophile Richard Oldham as "a good teacher who should be treasured", and Judge Bowers, who amongst other things, described child abuse as "Water under the bridge".
Thankfully, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office has taken the complaints I made seriously, and I have an update on each.
A submission is being prepared for presentation to a Nominated Judge regarding my complaint against Judge Jameson, and I should hear back by 9 April.
Regarding Judge Bowers and my complaint against him, the JCIO are preparing a submission to be put forward to the Lord Chancellor & Lord Chief Justice, who will be making a decision on this matter. I should hear back by 11 April from them.
A small update I know, but wanted to keep readers updated. Anti victim language like this in unacceptable, and it is good that this is being taken seriously.
If you have any complaints against the conduct of the judiciary, including language like this, you also can complain to The Judicial Conduct's Office by letter or e-mail - and you don't have to be directly involved in the individual cases.
Anyone can make a difference.
You included.

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